Group visits & Talks

Wild Experiences

Group Visits & Talks

An event to introduce the local community to the RSPB Wallasea Wild Coast Project. A film about RSPB work and then a trip out to Wallasea Island where volunteers and project manager Chris Tyas showed the birdlife to visitors and explained the plans for the future of Wallasea. - Terry Whittaker/2020VISION

Group Visit & Talks 

The Great Fen works closely with local communities and groups offering a variety of services, designed to connect people with nature and engage people with the work we do.   

Nature Connections Sessions- These sessions are about bringing nature to groups who can't get out and about to access the countryside. We spend an hour talking with the group, encouraging people to talk about their memories of nature. 

Group Visits - The team welcome community groups to come out to the Fen to see habitats and restoration work for themselves and can arrange guided tour of the fen.

Talks and Films - A member of the Great Fen team will visit your group and talk about the fen, including future visions, upcoming restoration work and the benefits to wildlife and people. You can also arrange the viewing of a film, either ' Memories from the Fen' or ' Spitfire Excavation'.

If you would like more information on what we can offer to your group, please visit the pages below.