Fen Stories and Memories


Fen Stories and Memories

Photo: The Great Fen - Fen Memories

Fen Stories & Memories   

Have you ever wondered what life was like farming in the fens from the 1920's onwards, or what it was like to live during the Second World War in a small fen village?

The fens have changed dramatically over the last hundred years. Thanks to the Local Memories Project you can travel back to a time when bomber planes filled the skies and see archive footage of the extinct large copper butterfly. Explore these fascinating stories in text, photos, audio and film. A mixture of staff and volunteers from the Great Fen and Ramsey Rural Museum along with students from Abbey College worked together to gather and record stories from local people. 

These stories recounted local people's time growing up and living on the fens. The Great Fen team used these stories, photographs and artefacts to create booklets and a DVD. 

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The Great Fen - Fen Memories video

More Stories and Memories 

As another part of the Local Memories Project several heritage pamphlets were produced and these are available to download below. All enable you to explore the stories and memories of what life was like in the fens.

Conington Village & its Lost Castle

Days out in the Fen

Farming life in the Fens

Fireballs and Flying Fortresses

Four generations on Woodwalton Fen

From Poland to the Fens

Holme Life Booklet

Family Life in the Fens