Dark Skies at The Great Fen


Dark Skies at The Great Fen

Photo: Guy Pilkington - Dark skies at the Great Fen

Dark Skies at the Great Fen 

Not many places today are free from light pollution, however the Great Fen has been awarded the designation of a Dark Sky Discovery Site by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council at two sites, The Wildlife Trust Countryside Centre and New Decoy Farm Information Point. 

STFC, the UK’s leading funder of astronomy research and run the Dark Sky Discovery Network, made the designations of putting both sites in the ‘Milky Way’ category, which can be seen from these sites on a clear night. This is because there are few towns and villages nearby, which keeps light pollution levels in the area relatively low. 

The Great Fen Partners want visitors and local people to be able to enjoy every aspect of the natural world in the Great Fen, the night skies as well as wildlife on the ground. This important designation will help the Great Fen remain a special place now and in the future, and we look forward to welcoming stargazers old and young, and exploring the two Great Fen Dark Sky Discovery Sites with them.
Kate Carver, Great Fen Manager
Dark sky area

The Wildlife Trust Countryside Centre

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Photo credit - The Great Fen - Ramsey Heights Countryside Centre 

Dark sky area

New Decoy - Information Point

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Photo - The Great Fen - New Decoy