Monitoring Project Sightings

Southern hawker (Aeshna cyanea), Somerset Levels, Somerset, England, UK - Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Species: Butterflies & dragonflies
Location: New Decoy

75 dragonflies of 4 species / 72 butterflies of 8 species

Perfect weather for the last survey of the season. Interesting to have pristine and tatty butterflies of all species recorded except the one meadow brown which was tatty, one small heath which was pristine, one green veined white which was in the middle.

A raven flew over calling.


1             Green veined white

5             Large white

1             Meadow brown

7             Painted lady

7             Red admiral

1             Small heath

21           Small tortoiseshell

29           Small white


57           Common darter

9             Migrant hawker

6             Ruddy darter

3             Southern hawker

Pam Peacock (Great Fen Monitor)