Monitoring Project Sightings

Flock of lapwing - Nick Upton/2020VISION

Species: Birds
Location: Kesters Docking / Froghall

781 birds of 27 Species

A lovely morning again for the survey. The highlights were three pairs and a single stonechat and the first flocks of the winter forming with lapwing, starling and linnet recorded.

The return of a number of meadow pipits was good after being sparse records recently. Mammals noted were Chinese water deer, red fox and rabbit.

Birds in this area can be watched from the Northern Loop Trail.

2      Blackbird

1       Blue Tit

19     Carrion crow

1       Cormorant

10     Goldfinch

4      Great tit

3      Grey heron

15     Greylag

2       Herring gull

1       Kestrel

375   Lapwing

145   Linnet

4      Magpie

47    Mallard

6      Meadow Pppit

1      Moorhen

1      Pheasant

23   Reed bunting

1      Robin

21    Rock rove

11     Skylark

27    Starling

13    Stock dove

7      Stonechat

9      Whooper swan

30    Woodpigeon

2      Wren

James Hitchcock (Great Fen)