Monitoring Project Sightings

Monitoring Project Sightings

Mark Robinson

Species: Birds
Location: Summer Standing

151 birds of 17 species

A still morning. Numbers of birds were swelled by 100 starling feeding on the Old Chapel Land. Raptors kept flying in and out taking it in turn to hunt over the same field.  As well as the starlings the highlight was the appearance of 2 stonechat, sitting amongst a bramble patch.

3              Blackbird

1              Buzzard

8              Carrion crow

2              Cormorant

2              Fieldfare

3              Great tit

2              Heron

2              Kestrel

2              Meadow pipit

3              Reed bunting

3              Red kite

2              Robin

1              Skylark

100         Starling

2              Stonechat

14           Woodpigeon

1              Wren

Helen Bailey (Great Fen Reserves Officer)