Monitoring Project Sightings

Andy Hankinson - Andrew Hankinson

Species: Birds
Location: Summer Standing and Chapel land

242 birds of 17 species

A fairly chilly start to the morning. Lots of birds were seen flying in and above adjacent farmland following crop removal.

Summer Standing’s bird numbers are higher than usual following the flyover of 105 woodpigeon,  from a distance I had hoped were lapwing. The highlight of the Summer Standing survey has to be four stonechat and two jay with their beautiful colouring.

3             Blue tit

14           Carrion crow

6             Goldfinch

2             Great tit

2             Jay

2             Kestrel

4             Lapwing

5             Long-tailed tit

1             Magpie

23           Meadow pipit

3             Reed bunting

1             Robin

29           Skylark

22           Starling

4             Stonechat

113          Woodpigeon

8             Wren

Helen Bailey (Great Fen Reserves Officer)