Monitoring Project Sightings

Monitoring Project Sightings

Species: Butterflies & Dragonflies
Location: Summer Standing and Chapel land

131 butterflies of 8 species / 50 dragonflies of 9 species

Less individuals were recorded this month than in July, which may be partly due to the fairly breezy conditions along with this many of the flowers in the headlands have gone to seed leaving a reduced abundance of nectar. The results are as follows;

5             Green-veined white

3             Meadow brown

14           Painted lady

3             Peacock

7             Red admiral

1             Silver-Y moth

45           Small tortoiseshell

53           Small white


3              Azure damselfly

5              Blue-tailed damselfly

5              Brown hawker

5              Common blue damselfly

19            Common darter

2              Emperor dragonfly

6              Migrant hawker

4              Ruddy darter

1              Southern hawker

Helen Bailey (Great Fen Reserves Officer)