Monitoring Project Sightings

Species: Birds
Location: Summer Standing and Chapel land

168 birds of 26 species

A still, overcast morning which managed to stay dry until the end of the survey. Lots of juveniles around including two young kestrels practising their flying skills and a little family of lesser whitethroat. The hay harvesting has started with roughly a third taken from the old chapel land so far.
2              Blackbird
1              Blackcap

16            Black-headed gull

8              Blue Tit

7              Carrion crow

1              Chiffchaff

3              Dunnock

5              Goldfinch

8              Great Tit

2              Green woodpecker

16            Greylag

5              Kestrel

13            Lesser whitethroat

1              Magpie

1              Mallard

13            Meadow pipit

3              Pheasant

3              Red Kite

18            Reed bunting

3              Reed warbler

14            Skylark

6              Sedge warbler

2              Stock dove

1              Willow warbler

6              Wren

Helen Bailey (Great Fen Reserves Officer)