Monitoring Project Sightings

WildNet - Amy Lewis

Species: Birds
Location: Summer Standing

99 birds of 15 species

Not only was it a quiet and very calm morning for the November survey but the birds were very quiet too. The  Summer Standing survey area is one of the drier parts of the Great Fen, but it was nice to see higher water levels in the ditches.

There were no real highlights but a nice gathering of 14 meadow pipit were seen flying together around the Old Chapel Land. There was quite a lot of activity in the adjacent farmland, with skylark displaying aerial acrobatics.

1             Blackbird

1             Blue tit

6             Carrion crow

30           Goldfinch

1              Great-spotted woodpecker

10           Great tit

8             Long-tailed tit

1             Magpie

16           Meadow pipit

1             Pheasant

4            Reed bunting

1             Robin

10           Skylark

2             Woodpigeon

7             Wren

Helen Bailey (Great Fen Reserves Officer)