Monitoring Project Sightings

Photo credit: Donald Sutherland - Red kite

Species: Raptors
Location: Whole site

8 species of raptor

Sunday provided a mostly dry, but rather breezy (and very chilly) evening, yet we recorded a good range of raptor species. Many thanks to those who made it; 22 of us in fact.

22 voluntary monitors gathered, and spread out across the Great Fen to survey for birds of prey.  Kestrel and red kite were the most numerous raptors seen, but we did have sightings of short-eared owl. Other species seen were barn owlsparrowhawk, buzzard, and marsh harrier. Numbers are still low, and the birds are hard to see at the moment.

Other species seen included little egret and grey heron. A small murmuration of starling were also seen over Woodwalton Fen, as well as a flock of lapwing.